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Consciousness / Awareness Raising

Consciousness / Awareness Raising, as it relates to animal beings, is defined as acts of expanding human awareness of the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs and capacities of animal beings. Some are different than those of humans; some are the same or similar. The ultimate goal is to promote more humane treatment of nonhuman animals in human society and culture through better understanding of the above-mentioned qualities.

We wish to improve the wellbeing and standing of the animals, thus bringing them to their rightful status to be respected as fellow spiritual beings, fellow travelers. Certain rights are thus afforded to them, rights that are commensurate with their needs and capacities. For example, we do not expect to see them at the voting polls. We do expect them to be protected from neglect and abuse.

Consciousness raising is carried out in animal communication consultations and workshops on an informal basis. The Consciousness / Awareness Raising unit will perform its functions on a more formal basis, i.e., through developing and presenting programs within various established educational programs for children, adolescents, and/or adults. For example, we may develop our program as part of a larger environmental module for a given education institution.

Our intent is to present information to and to facilitate discussion among participants who may then determine for themselves how such awareness fits into or expands their own system of environmental ethics. We seek to promote compassion for both human beings and animal beings through the material presented, and through how it is presented.

Specific topics and issues as part of this animal consciousness will be found on this website in the near future.

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