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When you learn to communicate with animals, they become more than pets -- they become co-equal beings with so much to teach in this poignant moment in Earth's history. You can help Assisi in its work in three ways:

Make a tax-deductible donation to Assisi today in your name or in the name of a loved one.

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International Animal Institute is a non-profit* nondenominational organization dedicated to the promotion of the well-being of nonhuman animals. We do so through our educational programs, through consciousness raising and through rehabilitation. We wish to promote compassion and reverence for all life.

Toward that end, we have developed a "Covenant to Honor Living Creatures" which our partner organizations support and have signed. We encourage you to read it and give us your feedback, or to refer us to Animal-friendly organizations you know that may want to join in on the quest to make our planet more aware of the sanctity of our fellow beings.

* The Assisi International Animal Institute has Federal and State non-profit tax exempt status.


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