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The Covenant of Assisi

Keeping an Eye and EARS out for the Animals is what Assisi is all about.

1. We exist to promote spiritual interconnectedness of all beings, compassionate action amongst all beings, and the raising of consciousness toward healing our planet.

2. We honor the inherent value and equality of all life, nonhuman and human.

3. We support the advancement of each being's honorable goals and purposes.

4. We honor and promote the innate capacity of human and nonhuman animals to communicate with each other.

5. We are committed to using communications for the highest and greatest good to promote nurturing for all.

6. We support the qualities of depth, perceptiveness, and spiritual essence of human- and nonhuman animal-beings through communication with each other, and through respect, reverence, and compassionate regard.

7. We believe that animals must be allowed to exist and function within their own natural lifestyle, wild or domestic, according to their own goals and purposes without interference, except for interventions to rescue and rehabilitate. The intent is to return them to their environment whenever possible. Natural lifestyle is defined within boundaries of ethical stewardship. Thus, wild and “exotic” animals must remain in their own natural habitats whenever possible.

8. We believe that humans have a responsibility, and we are committed, to protecting animals from exploitation, suffering or potential suffering whether due to acts imposed by humans or other acts of nature, by advocating and/or intervening, on their behalf and by enhancing their rights and well being wherever possible through compassionate action and ethical stewardship.

9. We believe in the rights of animals to complete their earthly journeys in respect, care, safety, balance, health, comfort, joy, peace, and love. We believe in relieving them of suffering through hospice and/or humane euthanasia according to the wishes and timing of each individual animal.

10. We believe in practical, emotional and spiritual sustenance and support through connection and association with those of like values and beliefs to promote the raising of consciousness for the animals in ourselves and others to the benefit of all.

11. We value all service for the benefit of animals that is grounded in a balance of self assurance, humility and respect.

12. We are committed to maintaining understanding, respect, confidentiality and compassion towards all participants in our education programs and other activities.

13. We believe learning takes place primarily through encouraging, modeling, supporting, and reinforcing strengths, as well as respectfully and compassionately guiding through weaknesses.

14. We are committed to establishing an atmosphere of safety where mistakes that may occur are used as learning tools.

15. We honor the integrity of our work through conscientious application of skills and by maintaining ethics and standards of excellence to guide training and services.

16. We welcome persons of all races, ethnic heritages, ages, gender, physical and intellectual attributes and abilities, sexual orientation, and spiritual beliefs. Participation is regulated by each person's readiness and capacity to work within our Mission Statement and Covenant to Honor All Living Creatures. Advancement through our educational programs is regulated by each person's ability to meet the criteria for such advancement.

17. We believe in leading our lives with compassionate intention directing our daily actions.

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