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Professional Certification

Certification is about raising awareness, a.k.a. conscious-ness, about the animals. It’s about recognizing the consciousness within the animals.

Professional Animal Communicator Certification Program –

A Six Module Training

By Jeri Ryan, Ph.D.

Consciousness of Animals:

It is most encouraging and exciting that there are scientific studies underway focusing on consciousness of animals. These studies include the ability to choose, the use of body language pertinent to a specific situation, the many meanings of "meow" for cats, the ability to perceive from the perspective of another, the ability to develop a sense of self, and most of all, symbolic interaction for the development of shared meaning.

EARS for the Animals:

Telepathic communication is not new. More importantly, we are all capable of doing it. It is a matter of cultivating an already innate skill. Assisi presents and trains with a unique, thorough and comprehensive model of telepathic animal communication created, developed and practiced over many years by Dr. Ryan. Our EARS for the Animals© model (Empathy, Awareness Raising and Solutions for the Animals) is more complete than the interpreter model, and more practical and grounded than the psychic reading model ordinarily practiced. By recording the entire conversation faithful to the exact way the animal and communicator state their parts, a respectful, reverent and compassionate dialogue is modeled to the human client. Dr. Ryan is uniquely qualified to teach counseling and problem solving techniques to provide practical, personal and spiritual information with solutions, amplifying the return to the human client in animal communication sessions and consultations. At present, EARS for the Animals© is the only such model in existence.

Who Should Learn?

Telepathic communication is desirable and useful to those who wish to develop a deeper relationship with their own companion animals. It is particularly useful to those who work extensively with animals such as animal care providers, veterinarians, animal care technicians, animal rescue workers, animal behaviorists, dog walkers, animal sitters and nonhuman animal body-workers. This method of communication provides means to gain information needed to reach the goals of the particular service and to improve bonds.

Assisi’s Professional Animal Communicator Certification Program is comprised of the following:
  1. Skills Development Workshop (including Lecture) – Module I (31 hours)
  2. Counseling & Problem Solving Workshop – Module II (40 hours)
  3. Communicating With The Wild Ones – Module IIIa (40 hours) or Communicating With The Farm Ones (in development) – Module IIIb (40 hours)
  4. Animals: Compassionate Skills & Support (10-day intensive) – Module IV (89 hours)
  5. Internship at a non-profit/profit in the student’s locale (200 hours) – Module V
  6. Completion of 45 acceptable case studies submitted for review by Dr. Jeri Ryan – Module VI

Completion of all modules is required for certification credit.

Workshops are open to any student wishing to attend for edification purposes without pursuing certification.

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