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Assisi Assisi Receives Marketing
Grant to Fund Outreach 

I want to give the gift of Animal  Communi- cation to a loved one.

Send us your inspirational stories as well, and we’ll use them wherever possible!

The new website you are currently exploring is one benefit that has flowed from a generous marketing grant from a generous supporter to help us carry our message, teachings, and philanthropic work to the world. We are delighted to bring the public presentation of our work into alignment with the high quality we are offering in our workshops and trainings.

Over time, we’ll be using this site and our newsletter to share some of the extraordinary insights that have emerged in our years of creating human-animal bridges of communication. We’ll be able to broadcast these insights and educational materials to a much larger audience, as well as make many more people aware of our workshops and trainings. As we develop our outreach vehicles, we welcome your submissions, ideas, and suggestions for how we can better serve you with them.

Send us your inspirational stories as well, and we’ll use them wherever possible! (contact: X)

We hope you like the new site and that you keep coming back as we add new features and content!


* The Assisi International Animal Institute has Federal and State non-profit tax exempt status.


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