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About Assisi International Animal Institute

Keeping an Eye and EARS out for the Animals is what Assisi is all about.

Experience is the Best Teacher

Over the years of providing animal communication consultations to thousands of people and their companion animals, and then facilitating workshops to help them develop their inherent skills at telepathic communication, it became clear that more was needed. Many workshop participants wish to become professional animal communicators. While the telepathic communication skills can be developed with practice, and the communicators can then relay messages between the companion animals and their persons, such a consultation requires more.

Assisi developed and teaches our Empathy, Awareness Raising and Solutions for the Animals model; the acronym being EARS for the Animals. The EARS model meets our goals to raise consciousness, or awareness, and to advance the relationships among human animals and their nonhuman animal companions, on both the personal and spiritual levels. It is a unique, thorough and comprehensive model that honors the animals and their humans.

The title of the model spells out the goals of each consultation. We actively empathize with and support the concerns, perspectives and emotions of both human and nonhuman clients. We help each to become aware of the other’s perspective, and the deeper implications of these perspectives. We work out a solution with each client, and one that is beneficial to both.

Empathic Rapport

The professional relationship includes emphasis on the role of the human client, since she/he is officially and necessarily in charge. (Nonhuman animals cannot survive in the human culture without human leaders. Thus, for their safety and sometimes for the safety of others, we humans must be their leaders. That is very different from dominating them. Dominating the animals is a concept and activity that are NOT respectful or reverent toward them. Assisi supports leadership of the animals. We do not support domination.) Therefore, the communicator must work out these solutions with the human client. That requires the ability and skills to relate to the person, as well as to the animal, with understanding and empathy for both positions.

Problem Solving

Problems need to be resolved. The communicator thus must have a repertoire of possible solutions. People need to understand the animals' cultural mandates in order to find resolution without interfering with innate and cultural prescriptions that may be difficult, and perhaps impossible, to give up. The animals have psychological and emotional issues that may be part of the problem and/or part of the solution. Animals need to understand their persons’ personal and cultural mandates, and their psychological/emotional issues as well. Thus, mutual understanding and beneficial solutions can be reached.


These issues and other relevant topics are addressed throughout the animal communication and other workshops that are relevant to advancing the wellbeing of the human and nonhuman clients and their relationships. These workshops are also available to persons who just want the information and experience, and do not wish to become professional communicators. See the Certification Program description for more detailed information.

Awareness and Consciousness Raising

Throughout consultations and workshops, information is provided to raise consciousness, or awareness, about the animals in order to enhance the relationships of the human clients and their animal companions, and to promote ease of resolving problems within them. A track is specifically intended to bring information in a more formal structured way to groups in order to promote better understanding about nonhumans, their status and role and needs in a world led by humans. This consciousness-raising track will prepare the participants to present to groups such as school classes for youth and adults, as well as for other organizations.


The final track is the rehabilitation track. Far too many animals are euthanized for severe, and sometimes dangerous, behavior problems because there are few or no resources for rehabilitation. This track is intended to provide just that in order to prevent as many of these tragic deaths as possible, and to give these animals a chance at life from a confident, emotionally stable, integrated vantage point. Some examples of methods of rehabilitation can be found in the more complete Rehabilitation section of this site. We continue to search for other methods.

We do so through our educational programs, through consciousness raising and through rehabilitation.

We wish to promote compassion and reverence for all life.

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