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The Assisi International Animal Institute

You are forever responsible for whatever you tame.

— Antoine De Saint Exuperey
The Little Prince, 1943

The Assisi International Animal Institute is an educational, rehabilitative, and charitable non-profit, non-denominational Institute. Our mission is to promote understanding, respect, and wellbeing of animals through recognition of them as the sentient, intelligent, spiritual beings they are. Our mission is also to raise consciousness about their rights to equal consideration through educational, consultative and rehabilitative services and support.

Assisi fosters and promotes the innate capacity of human and nonhuman animals to communicate meaningfully with each other. Mental telepathy is one of the means by which communication among different species occurs. Since telepathic communication is a discipline whose skills are owned by all, these skills can be learned by all who wish to develop their innate capacity.

Our commitment is to strengthen and validate this communication for the highest good of all, supporting the advancement of each individual's goals with reverence and compassion. We seek to further the awareness of the spiritual connection shared by all beings, and the honor of all life as inherently valuable.

We ate no flesh in Eden, but afterwards, when things got hard, we forgot the peaceful kinship of that ancient kingdom. As our teeth sank into their flesh we had to deny them. So we said they had no souls, no reason, no thumbs, no speech. We were so different. We made a chain of things to protect us - fire, medicine, our locking houses, many kinds of clothes. And we renamed them - farm product, fur crop, renewable resource. Pray that we will see their faces again in the mirror of creation, the miracle of animals, their clear eyes meaning more than profit to our own.

—Jean Pearson

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